Dra Fernanda Nassar

Law School Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal talk,

Starting with part time law schools in California – the place to walk.

Get your degree while keeping your grind,

Study law and have a good time.

Next up, we got data dictionary requirements, you gotta meet,

To keep your legal documents sweet,

Understand the legal jive,

Like the legal definition of conflict, that’ll help you thrive.

Then there’s ccap full form, it’s got some weight,

Get in the know and don’t be late,

Understand the process and its significance,

And move with legal brilliance.

Onto some other legal chat,

Like CT landlord tenant laws, where you’re at,

Know your rights, protect your space,

And navigate the legal maze.

For those in Virginia, listen up, big sound,

Can you legally move out at 17, legally bound?

Get the lowdown, know the score,

Be legal and secure.

When you’re feeling low, under the weather,

There’s legal and general bereavement notification form, a legal tether,

Keep it together, follow the protocol,

Handle sadness, don’t let it take its toll.

Wrapping it up with a final note,

Check out that season ticket loan agreement, get that final vote,

Understand the terms, make it all clear,

And navigate the legal atmosphere.

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